Name: Michael Banta

Company: Telogis

Role: Enterprise Client Executive

  1. What brought you to Austin and how long have you been here? I wanted to get into software, and Austin is the best hub due to lower cost of living and zero state income tax. Been here over 3 years now!
  2. How did you get connected to AYC? I attended a couple events and committee meetings. Next thing I know I’m involved and quickly gained some amazing friends.
  3. What are you involved with in AYC or what is your favorite part of AYC? I’m involved with the ambassador committee, the economic development committee, and I help plan and run one of our largest annual events – Casino Social! Everyone should go, even if you’re not familiar with casino games or poker tournaments. There’s really something for everyone.
  4. Where can we find you brunching in Austin on any given Saturday? Oh this is tough…. I find myself going to Eastside Tavern more and more – it’s awesome!
  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you use it for? I want to be able to fly so I can avoid the dreaded commercial flying experience. I could go anywhere any time. Oh, and I could fly right over Austin traffic.
  6. If you could have any celebrity live next door to you, who would it be? Honestly, the last thing I want is a celebrity next to me. I’m sure many of them are nice, but I don’t want all the attention they get around or near me.
  7. If you had guests visiting Austin for the weekend, where is the first place you would take them to show them a good time? We’d do Congress Avenue from the capital all the way down through SoCo. You get a bit of everything on that walk.
  8. If you played hooky for a day, where would we find you and what would you be doing? I’d most certainly be with my dog walking the greenbelt – I’ve done it before 😉 It’s so nice when there isn’t a soul around.
  9. When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you tell them? I usually say something ridiculous like being in the circus, or professional base jumper depending on the conversation. Most enjoy the sarcasm.
  10. What technology could you not live without? Internet! I don’t have any social media, but I cannot live without access to the stock markets. It’s been a hobby of mine since college. I follow it with a microscope.
  11. Who inspires you? Quite a few people. Some are still around and others have passed on. To name a few: Richard Branson, Calvin Coolidge, Andrew Carnegie, Ray Dalio, and the list goes on.
  12. What is your proudest accomplishment? Another tough one…. I moved to Texas without a job, and without any connections. I ended up hustling to get a job for which I was not qualified, but it was exactly what I wanted at the time.
  13. If you couldn’t live in Austin, where would you want to live? I’d go back to Colorado. Not sure in which city, but I love, and miss, the mountains.
  14. I want to learn how to…?   Race Formula 1 cars.
  15. Pick:
    Soup or Salad? 
    Neither are great options, but – gun to my head – I chose salad.
    Indoors or Outdoors? 
    Outdoors for sure. Who chooses indoors?
    Winter or Summer? 
    Winter, all day, err day.
    Tea or Coffee? 
    Sweet tea specifically – has to be sweet.
    Beer or Wine? 
    Beer. I’ve been on the craft beer binge for years
    Mountains or Beach?  
    Let’s be serious – mountains!






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