Announcing the Austin Fast Start: Internet of Things Finalists


Join us *virtually* at the Austin Fast Start: Internet of Things Pitch Event to hear these finalists pitch for cash and in-kind prizes valued at $7,000!

Monday, June 15th
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Virtual Event

And Your Finalists Are…

  • Anka Labs

    Anka Labs’ mission is to develop and bring to market a new software stack destined to operate in EAC class devices, to provide the functions of the old DDC, combined with an unparalleled analytics capability onboard and in the cloud, and a mechanism for extensibility through the creation of an App Store. We call this software stack AnkaDOS (Anka Device Operating System).


    JOYKEEPER is an anti-theft device specifically designed for musical instruments. It can be quickly and easily installed into most musical instruments, without damaging the instrument. Leveraging a cutting-edge network called Helium, JOYKEEPER is more reliable and efficient than traditional GPS or cellular-based asset tracking solutions and requires little maintenance and no monthly fees.

  • Parasanti

    Parasanti is a veteran and farmer led AI/ML company based out of Austin dedicated to placing advanced analytical tools into the hands of those who traditionally have not had access to them. Their flagship product pulls data from any targeted location on the farm and processes it at the edge without the need for a cloud or even bandwidth availability. Insights are then delivered to a user friendly interface that can be accessed on any type of device and provides alerts and notifications as well.

  • Winter Haven Capital

    Winter Haven Capital is an innovative, dynamic startup. Forged out of the University of Texas by David Love, QuanTiles Analytics combines machine learning automation, with trading & analytics algorithms to walk the retail investor through quantitative trading. This a the first automated tool managing rail risk for the retail investor.

Thank you to our Austin Fast Start Internet of Things Judges

Nick Chagin
Program Manager

Chelsea Collier

Will Griffin
Chief Ethics Officer

Paul O’Brien
Chief Executive Officer
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