Announcing the Austin Fast Start: Sustainable Business Finalists


Join us at the Austin Fast Start: Sustainable Business Pitch Event to hear these four finalists pitch for cash and in-kind prizes valued at $7,000! Audience vote decides the winner!

Tuesday, September 25th
5:30pm – 7:00pm
Austin Central Library | Special Events Center

And Your Finalists Are…

At GrubTubs we found a solution that transforms food waste into animal feed. Our process is fast, capital efficient, easy to permit, decentralized and profitable for restaurants and farmers. Our patent pending GrubReactor uses insect larvae to quickly eat food waste. They can be placed on any farm nationwide without a waste permit, saving our farmers up to a $1,000/mo per 1,000 chickens they have to feed.

At Shower Stream, we understand that water and energy waste is an enormous problem across the globe. It is not only an environmental problem, but also a huge economic and social problem. We are transforming the water, energy and IoT industries by solving unique waste problems that are currently completely unattended.

The solar energy industry is growing rapidly, and 90% of that added solar capacity is installed with tracking capabilities. The team at Sun Co. is developing passive solar trackers that drastically reduce cost through the use of shape memory alloys. These alloys work as both sensors and actuators. They contract when heated which allows us to track the sun without any additional electricity or expensive sensor equipment which help homeowners and small businesses find a cheap solution for increasing their energy efficiency.
Z-Bikez is Austin’s own brand of personal electric vehicles. We make and sell a complete line of electric bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. In light of our experiences and new market trends, we’re in the process of pivoting to a new model that hits the sweet spot between current docking bicycle programs and dockless scooter share programs. We have full scale manufacturing capacity for our future growth, R&D products, and infrastructure developments.

Thank you to our Austin Fast Start Sustainable Business Judges

Richard Amato
GCG Program Manager
IC² Institute

Shayna Dunitz
Program Manager
3 Day Startup

Preston James
Chief Executive Officer

Erin Keys
Director, Water & Food Incubator
Austin Technology Incubator

Mary Priddy
Green Business Leaders Manager
Office of Sustainability, City of Austin

Mark Sanders
Program Manager, Transportation/Mobility and Water
Austin Technology Incubator

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