Annual Member Survey Provides Key Insights

In 2017, we conducted our first annual member survey asking for feedback on programming content, location of events and membership value, while also digging deeper into what local issues make us tick and keep us engaged within the community. This information is then used to deliver programs and services that are most beneficial to you.

Last year, you told us that affordability, transportation, education and diversity and inclusion were the top issues that mattered most. In response, we developed resources and programming through our LEAD Summit and Economic Development Committee to give members greater knowledge and tools to enter into local conversations on each of these themes.

Additionally, only 4.1% of members also told us they thought our elected officials represent their priorities very well. Our Economic Development Committee has also hosted informative sessions about local voting processes and talks with elected officials, such as Texas State Representatives Celia Israel, Paul Workman, and Gina Hinojosa – there’s only more of this to come in 2018.

On a more logistical note, members told us last year that a weekly newsletter would be the most helpful new feature to offer, and we’ve recently rolled out a newsletter to continue providing details on events on a weekly basis, as well as feature you and your fellow members for your career and community accomplishments. Want to be featured? Learn more.

We’re committed to maintaining what you enjoy and appreciate about our organization, as well as implementing changes in response to what you hope will improve. This past April, we asked members to give us a new round of feedback. Here are a few compelling and insightful data points that we’d like to share:

  • 97% of members are somewhat or very satisfied with their memberships – That’s one to get excited about!
  • 62% of members are not part of any of the Austin Young Chamber Committees – We’ll be offering more ways for members to get to know the different committees, and where they can get involved based on their interests and goals. Historically, we’ve seen that the best way to get involved with the Austin Young Chamber and make the most of your membership is to engage at the committee level.
  • Time of day and location are still the biggest factors when it comes to event attendance – We can’t be everywhere for every event, but we will continue to do our best to find a variety of North, South and Central venues for our programming.
  • Advocacy, exposure to community issues, education, skill building and networking are still your top priorities – As are ours! Including opportunities to lead and volunteer in ways that fulfill members in and outside of their careers.
  • Affordability, transportation, diversity and inclusion, and education are still top local issues for members – Population growth has quickly risen to the top with these Austin challenges as well. Austin Young Chamber will work with the community and our committees to ensure members are getting the info they want on these issues.
  • Up from last year, 10.8% of members feel their elected officials represent them well – While not at the level we all hope for, this is an improvement, and one we’d like to continue through our programming and Economic Development Committee.

While January 1 is a great time to set goals and resolutions for the year, summer is the best time to ensure you’re acting on them and will end the year feeling good about what you’ve accomplished. We value all feedback we receive – both in these surveys and in real-time after events and programs – and we look forward to continuing to bring our members the most fruitful experiences for their personal and professional development.

If you have any questions or want to offer additional feedback, please reach out to our Executive Director, Alyssia Woods, at

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