April Member of the Month: Texas Mutual Insurance Company

April Member of the Month: Texas Mutual Insurance Company


TexasMutualEach month, the Austin Young Chamber will highlight a member who is doing extraordinary work to strengthen our businesses, our community…or both! Showcasing their achievements is just one way we can put a spotlight on the talented, collaborative, and community-focused workforce we have here in Central Texas.

This month we’re highlighting Texas Mutual Insurance Company – a Young Chamber Corporate Member and the state’s leading workers’ compensation provider. We talked with Arielle Sadler, Senior Technical Writer & Trainer, about how Texas Mutual is a true community partner and how they are working to address some of the biggest issues in the Austin community to build a stronger Texas workforce!

Austin Young Chamber: Tell us more about Texas Mutual Insurance Company. What drew you to the organization?

Arielle: Texas Mutual has provided workers’ compensation insurance for Texans for 30 years – more than 70,000 policyholders trust us to care for their 1.5 million workers. We take this very seriously and have a relentless dedication to provide the type of coverage and services that honors their trust. No matter what the future brings, our goal is to provide a seamless, best-in-class experience for employers and their workforce.

In my time here, I’ve had the privilege of watching us become a model corporate citizen who is dedicated to our employees, cares for our customers and fights for our community. Texas Mutual’s values align with my own, and as a young professional, there are so many opportunities for growth and development within this organization. That’s part of what makes Texas Mutual such an incredible place to work.

Austin Young Chamber: What do you see as some of the biggest issues Texas Mutual is working to address in the Austin community?

Arielle: Texas Mutual tackles community needs in Austin on multiple fronts – not only providing for immediate issues like housing instability and food insecurity – but investing in our community to strengthen individuals so that they can impact Austin for years to come. Through grants, scholarships and education and wellness initiatives, we’re helping people change their future from the ground up.

Austin Young Chamber: What challenges and opportunities does Austin face in providing a stronger Texas workforce?

Arielle: When we look at the ways this city has grown and changed, there’s a definite demand for highly skilled, technical work, but we know that this type of work isn’t for everyone. Austin has the opportunity to look at our workforce through a different lens by creating stronger pathways for middle skill jobs and for reskilling and upskilling.

Also, when we look at Austin through a DEI lens, we see the decline of minorities and a lack of affordable housing. People don’t feel like they belong, or they can’t afford to live here. In a growing, prosperous city like Austin, it’s alarming that we still face the challenge of creating a more diversified workforce and a more equitable community for people to live in.

Austin Young Chamber: How is Texas Mutual supporting young professionals in the workforce and what has their involvement looked like in the Young Chamber?

Arielle: Through our community program, TXM for Texas, we focus on various community issues, and in the last year, we’ve increased our focus on generational learning and workforce development. We know that cultivating resiliency and stability for working families is an essential part of our mission to build a stronger, safer Texas for working families.

We also know that fortifying businesses to strengthen the Texas economy means that we are helping to create a strong, equitable pipeline of skilled, young professionals, which is is why we have committed $50 million to our community grant program since 2016. We understand just how important professional development is for our emerging workforce.

Texas Mutual is the 2022 presenting sponsor of the Austin Young Chamber LEAD Summit – a day-long conference for young professionals that strengthens the pipeline of leaders in Central Texas through education, connection, and engagement. I’m proud to be chairing this year’s event and Texas Mutual has supported me every step of the way.

We’ve had an employee on the committee responsible for planning the event for years, and we find value in sending employees for their continued development.

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