Austin ISD’s 2019 School Changes process, through which it will Reimagine, Reinvest and Reinvent the urban school experience, is well underway. For a quick overview of the process, watch this helpful video.

Austin ISD has embarked upon the monumental process of assessing the state of each of its 130 schools. The primary goals of this process are to ensure more equitable access to a variety of programs that engage and inspire all students, put more students in 21st century learning environments and to invest more of our tax dollars into student learning, rather than into the costs associated with maintaining numerous aging, under-enrolled facilities.

While the district will be making difficult decisions that will include school consolidations and, in some cases, receiving or reassigning students, the process will also involve working closely with our governmental entities to identify opportunities to repurpose campuses to meet other community needs. Additionally, other outcomes could include additional educational programming more equitably available across the district and facility improvements.

To make these decisions the district is looking at numerous factors that could be considered to measure the “health” of a school. This community-informed analysis will be measured against the Austin ISD Board of Trustee-adopted guiding principles. These guiding principles will inform the decision-making process and can be found on the AISD School Changes webpage.

To learn more about how the district will make these decisions and to share your insights and ideas, I encourage you to attend one of the upcoming AISD School Changes Community Visioning Sessions. Note that the district has established five planning regions in order to make the analysis of 130 schools more manageable.

Contact Ali Ghilarducci at 512-414-4487 or alison.ghilarducci@austinisd.org, or Celso Baez III at 512-414-1155 or celso.baez@austinisd.org for more information.