AYC Board Members Recognized for Community Leadership at AU40 Awards

AUSTIN, Texas—(March 22, 2013)—The Austin Young Chamber of Commerce (AYC), Texas’ largest young professional organization, is proud to congratulate two board members who were recognized last month for their tremendous contributions to the community, John King, Board Vice Chair, and AJ Bingham, Fundraising Chair.

On February 22, 2013, John King, Executive Director of the CleanTX Foundation, was awarded the prestigious AU40 Award for Technology Science for his leadership of Austin’s leading clean tech professional organization and at the AYC.  AJ Bingham, Legislative Director at McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, received recognition as a finalist for the Government and Public Affairs category.

Melanie Plummer, Executive Director of the AYC lauded King and Bingham’s contributions to the community, “The AYC is Austin’s largest and fastest growing young professional organization since we started in 2009.  Our growth and size are indicators of our impact in the community and the value that we present to our members.  John and AJ exemplify AYC’s leadership in the community and we are honored that they have received recognition for their dedication and hard work.”

AYC board members have been recognized as finalist for AU40 awards in the past, John King is the first AYC Board Members to win the award.

“Being recognized by our friends at the Young Men’s Business League and the Young Women’s Alliance is truly an honor.  The AYC is a great organization that brings tremendous value to the community and I am grateful to be a part of the organization’s leadership,” said King, AU40 winner. “Having the opportunity to impact my hometown through my work at CleanTX and AYC is a special thing, I feel truly blessed that my work is completely focused on giving back to Austin.”

The entire AYC family is proud to have such tremendous leadership throughout our organization.  We congratulate John King and AJ Bingham and look forward to their continued leadership as AYC continues to grow and prosper.

About the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce
The purpose of the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce (AYC) is to develop and connect young professionals in Austin to create business, community and individual success. The AYC believes that our members are the next generation of Austin leaders. That’s why we work hard to provide leadership opportunities, educational programming, and social events to promote personal, professional and community growth.

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