Announcing the 2016 AYC ChangeMaker Finalists

For the past two years, AYC has honored inspiring leaders including Heather McKissick and Councilmember Greg Casar. At the 3rd Annual State of AYC Annual Meeting, we will recognize and pay tribute to two more individuals who are doing extraordinary things in our community. The AYC ChangeMaker, presented by UFCU, is someone who desires change in the world and makes that change happen.

Our finalists for the inaugural ChangeMaker Award are (in no particular order):

Mike Nellis
Ruben Cantu
Deep Nasta
Laurie Loew
Luke Martinez
Gary Keller

Chelsea Elliott
Jerry Davis
Beth Coffey
Christy Pipkin
Zoe Schlag

We will announce the winners next week. We hope you will join us at the event to honor two ChangeMakers, all eleven finalists, and their commitments to central Texas and beyond.

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