AYC Endorses the Proposition 1 Mobility Bond and Encourages you to Vote Early

This is a first and I hope you will take some time to read this and act.

Last year we wrapped a large scale strategic planning process. One of the four goals our community and members asked us to establish was for us to be a voice for young professionals in central Texas. In response to the issues facing Austin, and in response to your request, our Economic Development committee and board have worked together to create a detailed process to make sure our voices are heard at the policy level in our city.

Today we are making our voice heard on the issues that will affect our generation.

According to the Texas Tribune from 2016, Texas ranks second to last in voter turnout. During the last mobility proposition, the one involving Uber and Lyft, only 17.43% of the City of Austin voted. While the percentage difference between winning and losing was massive, the raw numbers were not. Only 10,099 votes separated defeat and victory. To put that in perspective, that is roughly the size of our email list.

We know the average age of our city is 31 years old. We know the average age of an Austin voter is much higher. We know that 90%+ of Austin is registered to vote. We know that turnout is much lower.

We know you can make a difference and we need you to vote no matter your position, ideology, partisanship, or passions. AYC is asking you to make your voice heard!

You can vote early starting Monday October 24th. You can vote at any location.

We hope you will scroll down to the local elections and support Proposition 1 this election.

Prop. 1 will include nearly $500 million to address congestion and safety on some of our most congested corridors: North Lamar, Burnet, Guadalupe, Airport, East MLK/969, Riverside, South Lamar and William Cannon/Slaughter. Many of the improvements that are planned for the corridors have been shown to increase retail traffic and provide a safer, more convenient experience for visitors.

Currently our region has just under 2 million people in the 5 county MSA. According to a recent census report, that number is expected to be over 4 million by 2040. If we do nothing, it is our generation that is harmed.

Those of us looking to buy homes with walkable sidewalks and bike lanes will not be able to find them. Those of us stuck behind buses on two lane roads will wonder why. When we see a child running across the street to get to school or are stuck behind a light after a football game, we will have to remember this bond would have fixed those problems.

The average cost of this bond is $5 per month per person based on the median home. How much do you value not being stuck at a light or behind a bus? How much money is worth it to give a child a sidewalk or a protect one of your friends who bikes to work?

After 3 programs, countless discussions, and multiple committee meetings, AYC encourages you to join us in taking this first step in improving mobility and affordability in Austin.

We also encourage you to share your support and let your friends know that you are voting in this election AND supporting Proposition 1 by using your social media.

We’ve made it easy by creating a simple click to tweet and Facebook option!

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