ChangeMaker Finalist: Casey McPherson

The Austin Young Chamber would like to recognize and pay tribute to this year’s ChangeMaker finalists. The ChangeMaker Awards, presented by UFCU, are part of the 5th Annual ChangeMaker Luncheon on February 16, 2018. This year’s nine finalists are inspiring leaders who have a passion for dedicating time and talent to successfully make a difference in our community. Throughout the weeks to come, we will honor these individuals one at a time.

Casey McPherson

Songwriter & Entrepreneur

Casey McPherson is a songwriter and entrepreneur from Austin, Tx. He grew up in Lake Jackson, Tx moving to Austin when he was 19 to start a band. His music career has been a path from obscurity to lasting success by way of hard work, learning, and self discovery. He has created multiple small business ventures throughout his career, from custom furniture design, to web applications such as Skaflash Llc. Due to his families battle with mental illness, he began serving as a board member to Mental Health America of Texas, and now serves on the board of Austin Child Guidance Center. During the week, you will find Casey working on his upcoming record, making music for Riverbend, and producing music and film about current events and stories through his site Case Sessions.

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