ChangeMaker Finalist: Nathan Ryan

The Austin Young Chamber would like to recognize and pay tribute to this year’s ChangeMaker finalists. The ChangeMaker Awards are part of the 2nd Annual LEAD Summit Luncheon on February 15, 2019. This year’s twelve finalists are inspiring leaders who have a passion for dedicating time and talent to successfully make a difference in our community.

Nathan Ryan

Co-Founder and CEO | Blue Sky Partners


Nathan Ryan is an entrepreneur, business leader, and organizer. For more than a decade, his work has been influential in the creative and consulting services industry, where his experience includes collaboration with and founding of startup organizations like Omaze and Genee, as well as multinational enterprises like Verizon and The Walt Disney Company. Today, Nathan’s work is all about helping people and communities build better habits. As co-founder and CEO of a new consultancy called Blue Sky Partners, he is focused on helping leaders and their businesses put systems in place so they can scale.

As co-founder of Good Politics, he is focused on connecting disengaged voters to increase civic engagement. He also serves as president of Friends of Austin Neighborhoods, sits on the board of advisors for Life & Thyme, Doing W.I.T., and on the fundraising and events committee for Texas Civil Rights Project. Nathan lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Amanda, and dogs, Max and Rory.

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