February Member of the Month: Ciyadh Wells

February Member of the Month: Ciyadh Wells

Each month, the Austin Young Chamber will highlight a member who is doing extraordinary work to strengthen our businesses, our community…or both! Showcasing their achievements is just one way we can put a spotlight on the talented, collaborative, and community-focused workforce we have here in Central Texas.

This month we’re highlighting Dr. Ciyadh Wells – an AYC Member who recently received her Doctor of Musical Arts and a musician in her own right along with her guitar duo, Duo Charango.

Dr. Ciyadh Wells is a Development Manager for Austin Soundwaves.

AYC: In your opinion, what is the most important issue affecting young artists, and how are you hoping to make a change with your newly earned Doctorate in Musical Arts?

Ciyadh: I think the most important issues affecting young artists are career longevity and sustainability and burnout. Creating a career is difficult and trying to sustain that career is even more difficult. Acting as your own manager, publicist, and producer on top of creating the art is challenging and something that a lot of musicians are currently doing. With my work, I’m hoping to create opportunities, tools, and resources that provide community to artists that can help us to create careers that are lasting and thriving.

AYC: You are a highly motivated individual, who not only excels personally but also excels in the community. With your experience in the philanthropic community, what are the most rewarding moments?

Ciyadh: My most rewarding moments are those in which I have been able to share the depth and variety that exists within the music community. When we hear music community, we likely have an idea of what that means or sounds like, but there is so much more to our community than we may know. The more we are able to share that music with each other, the stronger our community will be, and the more we will be able to support each other in many ways including through philanthropy.

AYC: What are the best ways young professionals can become more involved with the ever-developing musical landscape in Austin?

Ciyadh: The best ways for young professionals to become more involved in Austin’s musical landscape are:

  • Regularly attend local shows and performances
  • Volunteer with local arts organizations
  • Advocate on behalf of artists and organizations on social media / to family and friends
  • Engage with and support local music media including radio stations, newspapers, blogs, websites, etc.

AYC: Do you have any upcoming events or performances that we can visit?

Ciyadh: Yes! I’ll be performing in a show called Lachrymatory on Sunday, February 27th presented by Density 512. Register here!

I’ll also be performing with Tetractys New Music during Graham Reynold’s late night showcase during SXSW.

My guitar duo will be performing virtually at the Women Composers Festival of Hartford and at the 21st Century Guitar Festival.