The “Hello From The Other Side” blog series was launched in response to COVID-19 to share what young professionals think and feel about the changes happening in our community, and how they are finding ways to navigate those changes. We hope that these stories give you insight, hope, encouragement and community as we move forward, together. If you are interested in sharing your own story, please contact us here.

What’s your name, your involvement with AYC?

Hi, I am Joshua Rolfe. I am on the Economic Development committee as the Government Relations chair and the Casino Social committee as the Sponsorship chair.


How are you? Give us three words to describe your current state of mind.

Finding new normal.


Are you currently working/WFH? How does your work day look different than it used to?

Currently working from home and adapting to more online networking. A lot of my job revolves around meeting with people face to face. I am adapting to the new environment by starting a Quarantine Coffee series. The goal is to meet virtually on Zoom for 30 minutes, chat about anything, and then figure out how we can help each other. Check out my Linkedin account if you are interested in joining.


What are you most optimistic about right now?

I believe that the Austin local economy will bounce back quickly once this pandemic has passed. We have a diversified workforce and it will not take long at all to achieve pre-COVID success.


What is keeping you sane right now?

My wife, dog, and long walks around the neighborhood. Also, wine…a “healthy” amount of wine.


What are some of your favorite blogs, books or podcasts right now?

I am reading all the business books I can get my hands on. I just finished “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely. We are big wine people so following wine bloggers as well.


What’s the strangest impulse purchase you have made online or at a store during COVID-19?

A spatula cause #cookingeveryday


What is the first thing you will do once the lockdown has been lifted?

We are planning on going for a beach vacation. We are thinking the Bahamas.


What advice do you have for other young professionals in Central Texas who are feeling scared, isolated, and anxious about the future?

Limit the Netflix watching. Yes, Joe Exotic was entertaining but keep your mind active. How many books can you read before this is over?


How can members get in touch with you?

I can be reached at, Instagram at @realestate_and_vines and Linkedin at