LEAD Summit – Sneak Peek

We had some of our featured speakers from this year’s upcoming LEAD Summit key speakers answer the most asked questions in a panel discussion. Today, you get to hear from Legal Karma CEO Kory Kelly!


Kory built his company Legal Karma from scratch after 10 years working in startups. He is passionate about helping out the community by teaching as well as learning from those around him. 


What advice would you give to your younger self?


“Breathe. Keep taking the big risks and stretching your comfort zone. Keep asking for the bigger jobs you aren’t ready for. You’ll never be ready until you’re doing the job.” 


What do you hope people get out of the LEAD Summit?


“I hope folks learn how to make the investment in themselves, which is the most important investment they ever make. How can you fill up someone else’s cup if you don’t know how to fill your own?”


Kory will be speaking on the “Building an Operational Backbone with Adaptability and Resiliency” panel at LEAD Summit on Friday, May 5. 


The LEAD Summit (Learn | Explore | Act | Develop) is the Austin Young Chamber’s annual leadership development conference for students, young professionals and business leaders. Tickets are available starting at $145 through April 30. (Want your boss to pay for your ticket? Here are some pointers on how to ask.)

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