LEAD Summit – Sneak Peek

We had some of our featured speakers from this year’s upcoming LEAD Summit key speakers answer the most asked questions in a panel discussion. Today, you get to hear from Ambition in Motion Founder Garrett Mintz!


Garrett Mintz founded his company, Ambition In Motion, in 2013, aiming to create beneficial mentorship relationships that help everyone succeed in their field. He will be speaking at the LEAD Summit talking about mistakes and how to overcome them. 


What advice would you give to your younger self?


 “Be an entrepreneur and take risks. The more lifestyle constraints one has, the greater difficulty it is to take risks. Those risks only multiply when you have a family to support. Live frugally, take risks, be an entrepreneur, and learn as much as you can as fast as you can.” 


What are some misconceptions you’d like to change?


“Misconception: if you aren’t successful in the first year, then you are a failure as an entrepreneur. I believe the most successful entrepreneurs aren’t the ones who can come out of the gate the fastest, they are the ones who can stay in the race the longest, learn from their mistakes and become better over time.”


Hear more from Garrett during the “How to Handle the Nuances of Conflict in the Workplace” discussion at LEAD Summit on Friday, May 5. 


The LEAD Summit (Learn | Explore | Act | Develop) is the Austin Young Chamber’s annual leadership development conference for students, young professionals and business leaders. Tickets are available starting at $145 through April 30. (Want your boss to pay for your ticket? Here are some pointers on how to ask.)


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