Meet the ChangeMaker Finalists

For as long as we have held our annual luncheon, we have made it a point to honor inspiring leaders who have made an impact in our community. Past winners include AU40 Mentor of the Year Heather McKissick, Councilmember Greg Casar, President and CEO of Austin Community Foundation Mike Nellis, Founder of GiveRealty Laurie Loew, halfHelen founder and CEO Chelsea Elliott and social justice advocate Sam Killermann.

These change-makers have shown us time and again what is possible. Anyone can make a difference and there is no better time than now.

At the 5th Annual ChangeMaker Luncheon, which will be February 16, 2018 as part of our new LEAD Summit, we will recognize and pay tribute to more individuals who are doing extraordinary things in our community. The AYC ChangeMaker Award, presented by UFCU, is granted to someone who has identified the need for change, and through their inspiring efforts, is proactively and successfully making that change happen.

Our finalists for the 2018 ChangeMaker Award are (in no particular order):


  • Caitlin Haney Johnston
  • Katie Ford
  • Bradley Gold
  • Laura Maniccia
  • Charley Scarborough
  • Sarah Evans
  • Raquel Valdez
  • Casey McPherson
  • Jason Finkelman


We will announce the winners in the coming weeks. We hope you will join us at the ChangeMaker Luncheon to honor our 2018 ChangeMakers, all finalists, and their commitments to Central Texas and beyond.




LEAD Summit

Austin Young Chamber’s new full-day program will focus on workforce, community, and personal development with a variety of great workshops, panels, speakers and topics, not to mention the inspiring ChangeMaker luncheon in the middle of the day. No matter your industry, the Summit is the place for you to Learn, Explore, Act, and Develop– or as we like to say LEAD.




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