Member of the Month: Jen Abzug Zaligson

Member of the Month:  Jen Abzug Zaligson

Name:  Jen Abzug Zaligson

Title:  Benefits Specialist

Company:  UT System

  1. How did you get to Austin?

I originally moved to Austin in 2004 to attend graduate school at UT.  I relocated to the Midwest for some time, but couldn’t stay away, so two years ago I came back to our glorious city. 

  1. Why did you join the AYC?

I joined AYC for personal and professional reasons.  For a previous job, it was important to cultivate connections in the community.  However, I also knew that AYC was filled with amazing young professionals that I wanted to get to know socially too, and have made great friends through volunteering with the FAVE awards and being active at other AYC events. 

  1. What is your favorite lunch spot?

Tex-Mex as a cuisine is delicious, and I particularly love Trudy’s or Santa Rita Cantina for a meal.

  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you use it for?

The Awesome Etiquette podcast has made me geek out about etiquette, so my superpower would allow me to summon Lizzie and Dan – of the famed Post family – any time I had an etiquette conundrum. 

  1. If you could have any celebrity live next door to you, who would it be?

Kristen Bell seems like the celebrity who’d I’d most want to hang with – and come on, she’d also be friends with cute, funny, celebrity dudes! – so I’d totally choose her for my famous neighbor.

  1. What are your top 3 things to do/see in Austin?

Yard Bar is probably the spot I take friends and family most often when they come to visit.  Drinking and watching cute dogs play?  Yes, please!  ColdTowne Theatre is fantastic for improv, and I’m a happy lady when I’m at a brewery with friends – 4th Tap in particular is a great atmosphere with tasty beer.        

  1. If you played hooky for a day, where would we find you?

Oh, that would be a day full of relaxing.  You would find me in a yoga class, reading a book by the pool, and then getting a pedicure at Embellish.    

  1. When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you tell them?

When I’m not smooching my dog’s adorable face – which takes up a LOT of time – I work in benefits with UT System.  I’m always interested in helping people in any position, and this job thankfully allows me to do that every day.  

  1. What do you think is the best invention in the past 50 years?

The iPod is way up there.  Makes plane rides seem faster, is the perfect vessel for comedy podcasts, and my old iPod helps me out in a bind when my phone gets a little wonky.  All good things.  

  1. Who was your first Facebook friend?

If I recall correctly, it was my high school BFF Angie.  I was still on Myspace, but quickly migrated over to the Facebook lifestyle.

  1. If you couldn’t live in Austin, where would you want to live?

Not live in Austin?!  No!  But if I had to choose somewhere else, Denver would top the list. 

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