April 2024 Member of the Month: Vero Sandoval

April 2024 Member of the Month: Vero Sandoval

Vero Sandoval

Each month, the Austin Young Chamber will highlight a member who is doing extraordinary work to strengthen our community! Showcasing their achievements is just one way we can put a spotlight on the talented, collaborative, and community-focused workforce we have here in Central Texas.

This month we’re highlighting Vero Sandoval
Financial Health Program Specialist at University Federal Credit Union.

Tell us about yourself (personally) and what inspired you to become a part of AYC. 

I’m originally from Austin and wanted to be more informed about the issues that mattered to the people in the communities I served. I joined the Austin Young Chamber because this organization was working hard to create a space where like-minded people could gather to gain insight into those issues and become strong advocates and community leaders.

How does your role at work align with being involved with AYC? 

AYC is a community of professionals in Austin with roles ranging in various sectors. Collaborating with folks all around the city helps me better understand the communities I serve and allows me to connect with other organizations that can amplify our efforts. This experience and exposure have allowed me to extend my reach with knowledge of external resources available to better serve our members and employees in my role at University Federal Credit Union.

Could you share about your role within the AYC LEAD Summit Committee? 

This year, I am chair-elect for LEAD 2025. I am excited because LEAD is one of my favorite events at AYC. It moves me to see how the AYC board, LEAD committee, and volunteers collaborate annually to create an impactful event. I learned about LEAD 3 years ago and decided to check it out. Then, I joined the LEAD committee last year, and this year is my second time serving on the committee; I don’t think I will be jumping off anytime soon because I genuinely believe this work is powerful.

Can you share how LEAD Summit has helped develop you professionally? 

LEAD allowed me to see myself reflected in the community I serve as a leader. Ultimately, LEAD was a part of the community that helped me gain a sense of belonging, from my engagement as a curious member to an active member who gained support and friendships through the various events and programs the Austin Young Chamber offers. LEAD opened those opportunities for me.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

My peers think that I have a ton of energy. The truth is that I drink gallons of coffee each day. My fun fact is that I am coffee crazy—coffee for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.