We’ve got some exciting news to share today – the Austin Young Chamber has a new logo!


Just as the people and places around us evolve, so do brands and organizations. From our roots in networking to our mastery of professional development programming to our advocacy and community engagement aspirations in the coming years, the Austin Young Chamber has seen a lot of change in the past 10 years. It was time for the AYC logo to reflect the elevated mission and energy of the living, breathing organization we are today.

AYC’s new logo was two years in the making, and was inspired by a reinvigorated focus on our mission to connect and empower young professionals to create business, community, and individual success. After months of research and reflection, we realized the need for a new visual symbol that represents AYC’s core principles in leadership, openness, community, growth and opportunity. The result is an architectural, abstract play on the A-Y-C initials we’ve all become so familiar with over the last decade. The lines symbolize pathways, connection, diversity and action – with room for flexible interpretation by the viewer. Blue and green color themes are refreshed, but remain true to our past.

“The new Austin Young Chamber logo is a reflection of our growth as an organization, growth as a community, and growth as young professionals,” says Austin Young Chamber President and CEO Alyssia Palacios-Woods. “We look forward to using this bold new look as we work towards continuous elevation of our mission and our purpose in support of young professionals across the Greater Austin area.”

Austin will remain a city undergoing ongoing change – and change is a good thing! It allows us to uncover previously buried opportunities for improvement, diversity, and programming. We are thrilled to share this step forward in our commitment to our members and the community.

Thank you to Nick Ramos at Central Texas based design studio Graphismo for working with our Marketing Committee, Board of Directors, and staff on our journey to this new look! 

Marketing Committee
Nicole Beckley
Brynn Biddle
Reese Cisneros
Sara Lasseter
Kelly Mosser