November New Leaders Academy with Bart Cleveland – “I need to change my career! Now what?”

By Jess Zimmerman

The New Leaders Academy, a 12-Part Workshop Series on Professional and Personal Development was created when AYC and YNPN joined forces.  The workshops are designed to help members succeed personally and professionally, long term.

Each session provides you with a little extra push in the direction you’d like to see yourself growing.  The New Leaders Academy is not simply a series of lectures, but rather interactive workshops to help you discover your career desires and how to make them a reality!

First things first, complete “me” research:

  1. Describe the career you wish you were having
  2. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses
  3. What’s really standing in your way?
  4. Describe a success you’re proud to have achieved
  5. Describe a work environment where you would flourish, including the people, the type of work you would be doing, and the culture
  6. Describe a situation that has made you consider pursuing a different career
  7. List a few companies that are doing the kind of work you want to do; set aside 15-30 minutes each day to research them (i.e. posts on social media, news articles, etc.)

Keeping your “me” research in mind:

  1. Plot your career course
    • Write down what you want as well as accomplishment steps
    • Know what you want -> target employers -> pursue a “straight line” career path
  2. Build the right experience/portfolio
    • Your work must show how you will make your employer better
    • Give them the reaction of “we need someone to do that for us!”
  3. Market yourself
    • Tell your story only as it is relevant to your employer
    • Nail the interview
  4. Your works gets you in the door. it won’t get you the job offer
    • Show what you can do, not just what you’ve done
    • More to come on writing an effective cover letter and resume.

Mark your calendar to attend the New Leaders Academy on December 16th from 6-8pm to gain a new perspective on your future and develop a concrete plan for movement forward!

About the writer: Jess Zimmerman, RD, LD relocated from Chicago to Austin in August.  In addition to warming up her winters, she is excited to regularly explore and experience Austin’s farmers markets, natural springs, hiking trails, kayaking, and events!  Jess is a registered dietitian and owner of Nutrition by Jessica.  She uses a food-as-medicine approach to educate and motivate you to thrive and grow, working with you to become empowered, focused, and energized through your food choices!

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