Matt Wood


Matt Wood

Accounting and Finance Consultant | vcfo


Matt Wood is a CPA and currently works as an accounting and finance consultant at vcfo. vcfo makes companies stronger through solutions based finance, human resources, and recruiting consulting. He works with a variety of clients in the region as well as leading and working on internal projects. Prior to joining vcfo, his employment included auditing at RSM US and Padgett Stratemann, as well as teaching with the TaLK program in Gunsan, South Korea.

An Austin native, Matt obtained his undergraduate degree in Business from Trinity University in San Antonio, and studied abroad in Belgium during that time. He later completed a Masters in Accountancy at St. Edwards University here in Austin. After completing his graduate studies, he went on to obtain his CPA license.

Matt has been an active part of the Austin community since a young age. As a child, he joined the Cub Scouts, and through involvement and dedication to that organization and later the Boy Scouts of America, he worked to become an Eagle Scout. Fond of building and creating things, Matt enjoys wood and metalworking as well as other creative crafts. He is also very interested in computers/technology and has fun tinkering with new products. Matt aspires to help Austin continue to be affordable for families of all backgrounds and he is passionate about ensuring that every child receives a quality education.