Tips for Landing a Startup Job

By Jess Zimmerman

Getting started:

  • Relationships are key. Having a relationship brings value. (Will Reed Jobs offers this relationship connection)
  • Join the Will Reed Jobs community and begin receiving jobs based on your desires
  • Explore additional search engines: Built in Austin, TechCrunch, and AngelList

Make your LinkedIn awesome:

  • Include a headshot
  • Be honest; don’t add information unless it’s true
  • Translate experience you have to sales (i.e. lead a team, received donations, attracted members, etc.)
  • Note what you’re seeking in your summary
  • Organize your profile in a way that helps the company eliminate risk; help them understand your experience as well as any gaps, weird jobs, etc.

Once you find a job you’re interested in:

  • Research the landscape and products — Would you enjoy telling their story?
  • Seek out individuals at the job you desire and determine what networking events and happy hours they are involved in (please note, this does not mean stalk them)! Become involved in these same activities and events.
  • Send LinkedIn requests and introduce yourself – show you’re trying to find the right fit and are not looking to take just any job.


  • Show aptitude and willingness to learn.
  • Have a founders mentality. Be super versatile and show genuine interest.
  • First be in it for the mission, second for the money.

Things to keep in mind about startups:

  • You will likely be wearing a ton of hats, performing activities from refilling coffee to providing high level presentations.
  • Startups move quickly; you can guarantee that things are going to change.

“Startup sales are fun! You completely control your destiny.” – Paige Robinson, Will Reed Jobs

For additional guidance and support, please create your profile Will Reed Jobs.

About the writer: Jess Zimmerman, RD, LD relocated from Chicago to Austin in August.  In addition to warming up her winters, she is excited to regularly explore and experience Austin’s farmers markets, natural springs, hiking trails, kayaking, and events!  Jess is a registered dietitian and owner of Nutrition by Jessica.  She uses a food-as-medicine approach to educate and motivate you to thrive and grow, working with you to become empowered, focused, and energized through your food choices!

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