When I moved to Austin 5 years ago, I knew one person. Okay, three counting my grandparents in Dripping Springs. I immediately plugged into the Austin Young Chamber and quickly found some footing with the FAVE Awards Committee. I had planned Homecoming student events in college and the FAVE Awards were of a similar thread for the Austin community. Feeling like I could immediately give back to my new community, I went all-in without really knowing what I was doing. The committee was welcoming and I knew I could find a place to help.

At first, the FAVE Awards just seemed like any event. I was fresh out of school and didn’t really know anything about the business community here in Austin. Also having never been in the “business community” of any city, I wasn’t sure what the FAVE Awards really meant to myself as a young professional or to those businesses.

After sticking around for a few more FAVEs, it has become clear what the FAVE Awards mean to the business community.

  • Austin’s young professionals care about recognizing our businesses.
    • We want businesses to thrive in our community and we will do everything we can to make sure that continues.
    • We spend time researching new spots to take our friends who are visiting (we have to find the best places to show off our city).
    • We shout from the rooftops (social media rooftops, texting our friends… those rooftops) when we find our new FAVE spot. We want the world to know that Austin is the greatest place to live, work, and play!
  • The Austin business community welcomes the recognition, of course, but they are more interested in collaboration and continuing partnerships.
    • They care about giving back in whatever ways they can.
    • They understand that to be a business in Austin, you have to be inclusive of ALL communities of people in Austin.
    • They know that Young Professionals make up about 40% of Austin’s workforce and that number will continue to grow.

So why should you care?

The FAVE Awards are the only opportunity for Young Professionals to recognize their FAVEs and for the Business Community to shout their name to the Young Professional community. This is your chance to let everyone know that you work for the best company in town or you know the best spot where you get your Arts & Culture fix.

Work for an amazing company that’s doing something innovative? Maybe your company is led by a Young Professional and they are just kicking butt? Nominate your own company!

The FAVE Awards validates that your business or organization is doing everything it can to make sure the Austin community as a whole thrives, and you have a whole generation backing you!

Nominate Your FAVEs

Mel Martin is the current Event & Marketing Coordinator for the Austin Young Chamber. She joined the Austin Young Chamber as a member in 2014 and became a staff member in January 2018.