The Austin Young Chamber is focused on helping young professionals learn about the issues and policies influencing our community and providing opportunities to engage at a local level.

Get Connected.
Our Economic Development Committee helps members keep a pulse on what is happening in the Austin area. Whether you are a savvy citizen wanting to stay up to date or new to Austin needing to learn more, the Austin Young Chamber is for you.

Stay Informed.
Stay informed on hot topics and policy issues such as transportation, education, technology, immigration, real estate, and the City of Austin via committee meetings and our weekly newsletters.

Find Your Voice.
Become knowledgeable about what is happening in our City, and use your voice as a conduit for positive change. Economic Development committee members monitor proposed bonds and policies, and make recommendations to the Austin Young Chamber Board of Directors on items we should or should not endorse as a Chamber representing the young professional voice in Austin.

Teach Me How to Texas from The Texas Tribune

All Texans should feel empowered to speak up and be heard this election season. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Texas Tribune on Teach Me How to Texas, a free, five-part email crash course designed to get Texans ready for this year’s elections. Subscribers will learn interesting facts about Texas’ past and culture, how different communities and regions in Texas vote, how candidates raise and spend money, how to spot a good poll from a bad one, and how to decode this year’s ballots. Join us in celebrating civics!

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