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LEAD Summit Committee

The LEAD Summit Committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of the annual LEAD Summit. The LEAD Summit (Learn | Explore | Act | Develop) is a one-day event that combines both learning and action. The committee will help with LEAD programming, speaker procurement, determining a marketing plan, assisting in venue selection, sponsorship outreach, and more.

Time Commitment
One monthly meeting. May include some offline subcommittee planning sessions. Committee members are expected to volunteer at the event.

What We Do

  • Design day-long conference through content and speaker selection
  • Connect with local businesses, organizations, and associations
  • Develop & execute a marketing plan for ticket sales

Committee Chair
Catalina Berry
Community Impact Director
American Heart Association

Committee Members

Oscar Flores
Kristin Kline
Marlen Long
Michelle Monroe
Brooke Pothast
Natalie Rodgers
Arielle Sadler
Ryan Saunders
Rondel Youngblood

Note: The LEAD Summit Committee only recruits new members from March to August.

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