Austin Young Chamber Endorses AISD Bond – Early Voting Starts 10/23

Austin Young Chamber Endorses The Austin Independent School District’s 2017 Bond To Support The Creation Of 21st Century Learning Spaces For Students.

November 7, 2017 is Voting Day, but early voting starts on October 23. The Austin Young Chamber encourages its members and all eligible Austin-area voters to cast their ballots in support of the Austin Independent School District’s (AISD) 2017 Bond package.
AISD’s impact on both the City of Austin’s ability to both attract and retain professional talent and new business, as well as the current and future children of Austin Young Chamber members, renders the District’s decisions, planning efforts and milestones important considerations for the Austin Young Chamber.
The nearly $1 billion investment represents the first step in addressing the infrastructure, technology, and facilities needs identified in AISD’s Facility Master Plan.  Every AISD school will directly benefit from the Bond, though in varying degrees; however it will not result in a tax increase.

Why We Support The Bond And Why You Should Vote For It On November 7

A few facts influencing Austin Young Chamber’s endorsement include:

  • The Bond will not result in a tax increase;
  • Every AISD school, and thus every student, will benefit from the Bond funds;
  • 10 AISD schools are over capacity (115% or greater);
  • The avg. age of an AISD school is 46 years;
  • Many AISD schools (~6) require critical and significant facility improvements to be deemed safe for occupancy;
  • The Bond will encourage and facilitate the transformation of AISD’s schools into “21st century learning spaces,” i.e. spaces with the technology to match Austin’s culture, thriving industries and future needs.

For the reasons stated above and others, join us in supporting the Bond on election day, November 7.
The Economic Development Committee

For More Information:

Bond fact sheet
Facilties Master Plan
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State of Texas Election Dates & Information
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