LEAD Summit Morning Breakout Session: The More You Know

PSAs of the past taught us the importance of buckling up and how we can prevent forest fires- but what can we do now to improve our lives and the lives of our Central Texas neighbors? Hear from local leaders on top community issues and why shaping change in these areas should be important to you. Topics include affordability, diversity, education, transportation, and poverty & homelessness.

Affordability: John-Michael Cortez, Special Assistant to the Mayor of Austin, City of Austin
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Virginia Cumberbatch, Director of the Community Engagement Center, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, University of Texas at Austin
Education: Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, E3 Alliance
Transportation: Lonny Stern, Community Involvement Coordinator – Special Projects, Capital Metro
Poverty & Homelessness: Ann Howard, Executive Director, ECHO

Tricia Tumlinson, Casino Social Co-Chair, Austin Young Chamber
Julie Smith, Chair, Austin Young Chamber Foundation